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15. Martin Jessee (1801-1879) and Virginia Jane Price and had 11 children, then married Mary Jane Farnell and had 7 children for 18 children.

Lost and Found--Adoptee Finds his Jessee Roots

on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 19:47

Lost and Found--Adoptee Finds his Jessee Roots
By Jeff Guillemette son of Agnes Sugimoto Tomori and Charles Monroe Jessee

Jeff "United in Time" with his father Charles M. Jessie (Jessee) above, followed by a additonal photos of Jeff and wife, Patty, with his half-brother  and his family in Hawaii.

Originally, I thought I had not been born, upon finding out that I was adopted. Then of course, I went through the adoption angst stages, why was I put up for adoption, who were my parents, how in fact did I become me from them? I wrestled with these unknown questions that had no answers.