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Denise Summersett Joins the Jessee Newsletter

on Tue, 03/08/2016 - 19:41

I am pleased to introduce Denise Summersett, who goes by the handle of Peggy Sue, who has volunteered to edit the News and other colums for the Jessee Genealogy Service website.  It is particularly interesting that she is a descendant of John and Clia Smith Jesse, via William Morgan Jesse and Mary Ann “Polly” Parker of VA.  We do not know how John and Clia Jesse are related to John and Frankey Lea Jessee, but could share common ancestors in Colonial VA. The surname Jessee was changed from Jesse in VA or NC after 1750, perhaps with our John Jessee, and Philip Jessee, who both moved to Russell Co.,VA.

We have the entire John and Clia Smith descendants database that was substantially prepared and updated by Harry and Bev Jesse Shuptrine some years ago, and given to me to publish as part of family database. They were early contributors to the Jessee Newsletter and helped me in many ways.  I am grateful to them. They have passed away. I continue to update their database here for them, when I am informed of additions and corrections. I do not plan to reprint their book, but could supply the current database to anyone else who might want to. It pleases me that Denise continuing to help us in their legacy, and someday we will figure out how we are cousins.