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An Apology and Request from your Editor-Jim Jessee

on Tue, 11/03/2015 - 21:08

When I stopped publishing a printed Newsletter in 2012, I planned to have an active Jessee Genealogy Service Website, this website, where I would share lots of news and commentary in an on-going basis.  Well, my expectations did not happen.  I have been deeply engaged in retirement, grandfatherhood, cabin time, and other distractions. Nelda and I have grandchild care about 2-3 days a week, with Helen, a threenager, and Clara, going on two, plus we spend lots of time at our cabin in Butte Meadows, with no TV, Internet, or cell service. That and general but slow decrapity, has taken me away from this work most of the time...  Not a good excuse. 

I have at last updated this Website with all the former Newsletter no available for free as PDF Files, and begun to figure out how to edit and maintain this web page. The irony, is I continued to collect news items and other good information to share since 2012, just never got it posted on this Blog or other columns.  Basically I need help maintaining this site, particularly News items, and Blogs and other Commentary. If interested, please email me.

Good News: Cousin Denise Sumersett has stepped forward and agreed to help edit the News and other columns. Thank you so much.   I now need a photo editor.

It is best to communicate with me by email, at, although I may take days to answer sometimes...