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This service is dedicated to furthering genealogy research and information sharing regarding the JESSEE surname, including JESSE, JESSIE, JESSEY, JESSY variations, their ancestors, descendants, and related families. Their origins are believed to be in pre-Revolutionary War Virginia and they largely lived in North Carolina, Southwest Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee from 1775-1825. Many descendants migrated virtually all over the South, Midwest, and West, and later the Northwest and Canada. Related families included in this database are: Armstrong, Smyth/ Smith, Porter, Duncan, Bickley, Richmond/Richman, Bartee and Barrick families; and many other Southwest Virginia Families who have intermarried with the Jessees, including: the Banner, Browning, Burk(e), Counts, Fuller, Gose, Kiser, Stone, and Vermillion families, to name a few of the surnames to be found in the Family Database.

To Search for Your Ancestors or Other Kin:

Go to the Jessee Genealogy Service-Family Database and use the search index to find surnames and individuals of interest to you.

This Family Database has the family information for James Wilson "Jim" Jessee, his wife Nelda Faye (Meline) Jessee, and the pedigree of their children, Earl Wilson Jessee and Emma Elizabeth Jessee. It includes the Meline, Ware, Tuck, andCamper surnames, who were early California pioneering families, and the Peterson/Petersen, Lunde, Skogstad, andHermundstad surnames, whose family origins are largely from North Dakota and Canada prior to 1950, and Norway and Sweden prior to 1900.

This Database also contains information regarding Jim and his sister Julie Ann Jessee, their mother, Frances Sylvia "Brownie" (Brownfield) Jessee, her Jewish ancestors, and the survivors and descendants of her Brownfield (Bronfeld/Braunfeld), Shlomkowitz (Szlamkowicz), Ajzenbaum, Szklarczyk, andHerszlikowicz families of Russia, Poland, and Israel, most of whom perished in the Holocaust.

Your comments and inquiries are welcome. Please write, call or e-mail us:
James W. "Jim" Jessee, editor and genealogist

Jessee Family Reunion Invitation

on Tue, 12/24/2013 - 00:13

Here is the July 2014 Jessee Historical Foundation Newsletter announcing the September 13, 2014 National Jessee Family Reunion.

Hello Jessee Cousins,

Your JHF Borad of Directors met on June 13, 2014 in Danville,

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